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ROLLING DUB TRIO:The one-of-a-kind rugged look that captivates fashion-obsessed men

ROLLING DUB TRIOThe one-of-a-kind rugged look that captivates fashion-obsessed men

ROLLING DUB TRIO, which debuted in 2007, is a boot brand that originated in Asakusa, Tokyo, the holy land of Japanese shoes.
Designer Katsuya Tokunaga started making shoes on his own while studying industrial design at the Kobe University of Art and Technology. That's all there is to being dexterous with your hands, but it's no wonder you taught yourself to make shoes when you had less information than you do now. In 2011, they also launched a sandal brand called TOKYO SANDAL, and both brands have made a name for themselves among clothing lovers. What Tokunaga holds dear is that "No great shoes are made without the ingenuity of caring for the wearer." The company continues to produce Japanese-made shoes that are made with the utmost attention to wood patterns, manufacturing methods and materials.

ROLLING DUB TRIO is based on American work boots. You might think, then, that Tokunaga is also an amakazi fan, but apparently he is not. He prefers maison brands, and says he always checks all four of the world's biggest collections, including Paris and Milan. The fact that he has a rugged, masculine look but a somewhat modern essence may be because he draws inspiration from such things as well.

There are also dressie-looking models, simple and sophisticated sneakers, and new releases every season. With that in mind, it could be said that although it is a work boots brand in terms of standing, it is a highly fashionable brand.

The ROLLING DUB TRIO is billed as a pair of boots that you can wear for the rest of your life while maintaining them. Part of the reason is the thick leather. Most of them are more than 2mm thick, and some are nearly 3mm thick. Because it is thick and strong, it can be used for a long time, and you can enjoy the change over the years by growing it into a leather that has a deep and unique flavor.
In addition, it has a wider width and is made with a raised arch. It has adopted a wooden pattern designed for Japanese use, and the most important aspect of shoes is comfort.
These days, many men have smaller feet, so the size range is quite wide. And since most models come in 13 sizes up to 22 ~ 30 cm, it's possible for women to wear the same design as men's.

The brand is also particular about not incorporating designs without functionality. For example, a pull strap on the opening of a boot. Generally, it is often applied in the center, but that can be difficult to use depending on the design. It's a detail that's meant to be easy to put on and take off, so it's not all in the same position, but where it should be used properly according to the design.
In addition, steel toes and rubber heels that deteriorate faster can be partially replaced. That way, you'll have fewer all-soles, which is more wallet-friendly and, above all, minimizes damage to your shoes.
And the more I get to know the ROLLING DUB TRIO, the more I feel that it is made with care for the wearer in every way. It's not often that a brand carries its stated motto this far. It's only because it's such a ROLLING DUB TRIO that it's so captivating, and it makes sense that there's no shortage of fans who want to get it even if they wait a year.

Midcut length for easy balance with any silhouette bottoms

The mid-cut work boots "COUPEN" are one of the brand's most iconic models. It was named because its sprawling form looks like a koppepan. The length of this hand can hit the ankle and hurt, but don't worry about the ROLLING DUB TRIO. By adding an ingenuity such as piping to the opening of the shoes, they provide a comfortable fit despite the thick leather.
The sole is an original crepe sole that is light and resistant to wear. It also features a sturdy leather front and original steel toe for easy maintenance.


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