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Products: REGAL

Products: REGAL

REGAL:A long-established company that has supported Japan's leather shoe culture and is loved by many men

REGALA long-established company that has supported Japan's leather shoe culture and is loved by many men

REGAL has been a driving force in Japanese leather shoe culture.
2021 marked the 60 year anniversary of its arrival in Japan, but REGAL Corporation, the company behind the brand, has a history of more than 1 century, including 120 years this year. The history of the REGAL brand in Japan began when Brown (now Clares) of the United States and Nippon Shoe Corporation (now REGAL Corporation) signed a technology introduction agreement in 1961. In 1962, the first REGAL presentation was held, based on the wooden patterns sent by Brown. Leather shoes may have a less trendy image, but the brand is different. VAN REGAL was released under the double name VAN JACKET during the first Ivy boom. Miyuki-zoku, which dominated in the 1960s, gained enormous popularity and became an aspirational brand for young people at the time. After that, it was always REGAL that colored its feet with Japanese fashion history. It is not an exaggeration to say that he was the man who brought fashion to leather shoes.

Over its long history, REGAL has always responded to changes in the foot patterns and lifestyles of the Japanese and has been committed to quality oriented manufacturing. The brand is now expanding into casual footwear like sneakers, but the backbone of the brand is still leather shoes. Among them, the Goodyear Welt and Semi-Mackay formal models are produced at three of the company's own plants in Niigata and Iwate prefectures. Each step is amazingly human, allowing you to fully appreciate the skills developed over a long history. It is also worth noting that they are made in collaboration with materials manufacturers, tanners and other Japanese manufacturers. Still, his attitude toward innovative technologies and new materials is flexible.

For example, a cushion placed between the insole and outsole. While the Goodyear Welt method often uses cork, which takes time to blend in with the feet, the company has also developed models using ortholite, which quickly blends in with the feet and provides a soft feel that envelops the soles of the feet. It keeps its simple and sturdy design, but updates its comfort with the times. That's also why REGAL has been so beloved for so long.

The linchpin of the fitting that underpins REGAL's leather shoes is the wood pattern that has been developed and improved in each series. The number of wooden molds they possess is unfathomable, but some have been used as bases for more than 50 years and have been modified to accommodate the changing foot patterns of the Japanese. The vaunted wood patterns show signs of real improvement and show just how much they have been loved over time.

REGAL produces a wide range of shoes, from sneakers to orthodox leather shoes to authentic bispokes. Recently, working and business styles have changed, so the company is focusing on developing leather shoes that can be used both on and off the job. Based on the classic design, this is a lineup that makes leather shoes feel more familiar, with voluminous and rounded toes that reflect recent trends. It's a fitting reminder of the appeal of leather shoes, even if you've been away from them for a while, in this modern age of diverse lifestyles. With such a flexible attitude, REGAL will always stand out from the crowd.

A new collection that blends classic and contemporary with a sense of style

The "New Classic" collection debuted in spring/summer 2022. With "The value of never changing, of changing" as the key word, he proposes a new era of classics. This plain toe from "Country," which can be worn casually, is made of cowhide with a translucent gloss on the upper. The thick wood shape on the toe perfectly matches the ridgeway sole, creating a modern sense of volume. It goes well with the loose bottoms that are trendy these days. Attention should also be paid to the details of the invisible parts, such as the use of a cup insole and the use of Tochigi leather for the inner sole. Goodyear welt process.


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