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Products: Nino Classical Tailored

Products: Nino Classical Tailored

Nino Classical Tailored:World-class quality using traditional Japanese craftsmanship

Nino Classical TailoredWorld-class quality using traditional Japanese craftsmanship

Ninomiyagoro Shoten was founded in Sumida Ward in 1946, shortly after the end of the war.
Its high-quality leather products, made from carefully selected leather both at home and abroad, and made use of skilled techniques, are highly regarded overseas. Corsocomo, a famous boutique in Milan, Italy, is offering the "KAWAORIGAMI" series, which has been selected as one of Japan's proud products, "The Wonder 500," to compete with global brands. This is a series that expresses the ultimate Japanese beauty with a single piece of leather and minimal components, and because there is little sewing, you can directly enjoy the texture of the leather. In addition, the brand is synonymous with the highly skilled Japanese original fukinmachi technique and the "fukinmachi," a long-selling series that has been produced for more than 40 years. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also functional, with thin, smart specifications that let you pull in and out of bills without damaging them. These long-loved masterpieces are created by a strong commitment to materials, a wealth of knowledge cultivated over more than 70 years of history, and the exceptional skill of craftsmen.

Ninomiyagoro Shoten has a wide range of craftsmen of all ages, most notably the factory's manager, Hiroshi Akabane, who has been there for 64 years, since the days of his predecessor. He is a highly experienced craftsman who has been engaged in the production of traditional handicrafts for more than 40 years and was also honored as a "Traditional Handicraft Engineer" by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which is presented to those who have contributed to the revival of local industries through the transmission of techniques. At the age of 88, Akabane, who is also a Tokyo meister, still goes to his workshop every day to make leather goods with the creed of "making something as good as possible.". No matter how old they are, their sincere attitude toward manufacturing inspires the younger generation and has become an ideal craftsman to aspire to.
Another characteristic of the brand is the introduction of a multi-skilled craftsman system. From cutting to koba making to sewing and finishing, the entire process is done by one artisan, except for the design. That said, you won't be assigned the entire process right away. By learning the basics of each process and improving your skills, you can finally get there. The focus on training craftsmen also means passing on traditional techniques such as fukinmachi to the next generation. That is how the world-class quality of Ninomiyagoro Shoten is maintained.

Make the best things you can use for a long time that people who own them will want to brag about. Not only does it have to be made of materials and construction, but it also has to be user-friendly. At Ninomiyagoro Shoten, samples are made many times to make a product, and Shinichi Ninomiya, the second generation owner, uses it every day to confirm its usability. With a bi-fold wallet, is it easy to take out small change or will it fit neatly in your hip pocket ....... When it comes to usability, there are things you don't know until you use it, so I carefully check the details, the size, etc., and if something bothers me, I revise it each time. It takes at least six months, and even nearly eight years, before it can be sold as a product.
Leather products that have been repeatedly adjusted to the millimeter level while also enhancing usability are arguably the best. This is why it is so popular that it can be sold at top stores around the world. More than 70 years later, Ninomiyagoro Shoten's uncompromising, relentless commitment to taking the time to develop products remains unchanged.

An innovative belt that can be freely sized with a unique buckle

A belt with no holes to fit your waist at any time, no matter what you wear, no matter what your body shape. As the name suggests, there are no holes to adjust the size, but rather a uniquely shaped buckle developed by the company. These types of buckles can become loose when you apply movement or otherwise, or they can weaken the belt's tightness when you use them for a long time. But once it's tightened, it won't budge, and you can still adjust the fit while it's tightened. It's also been used every day for eight more years, demonstrating that it keeps the strength to tighten. Cow shoulder leather is the perfect material for a thick belt. The expressive patterns called tigers are also impressive and add a subtle accent. It comes in a classy wooden box, making it a great gift for someone special.

Nino Classical Tailored Belt without "holes"

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