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Products: Neutral Gray

Products: Neutral Gray

Neutral Gray:Suggest a bag so light and easy to use that you'll want to carry it every day

Neutral GraySuggest a bag so light and easy to use that you'll want to carry it every day

Located near Asakusa, one of Tokyo's most famous downtown areas, Kuramae is dotted with stylish cafes and general stores and is sometimes called the "Brooklyn of Tokyo."
Neutral Gray is the first company store in this hot area. It's a little back off the main street, and the interior is clean and inorganic. Takaya Co., Ltd., a long-established bag maker founded in 1953, is working on it. Neutral Gray debuted as a so-called factory brand. With the key words "simple, light and made in Japan," they have a lineup of bags and leather goods that you will want to carry every day. All of them have a sophisticated and simple design that goes with any style, and all of them are comfortable to use. It is a brand that is supported mainly by aesthetically pleasing adult women who want their own style.

I pick up my Neutral Gray bag and am amazed at how light it is. When I asked, they said they were aiming for a bag that weighed less than 500 grams, the equivalent of 1 plastic bottle. The leather bag's beautiful and elegant appearance is what makes it so attractive. On the flip side, the downside is that it's so heavy that your shoulders are stiff. If you want to keep it every day, you need to get rid of that disadvantage. That's why Neutral Gray is all about lightness.
This is made possible by the brand's iconic hose leather. Horses exercise a lot and have relatively little excess fat. That's why leather has the characteristic of being light and thin. The only thing that bothers me about this is the strength of the hose leather, which is thin but durable. In addition, the texture is fine because of the dense fiber, and it is soft from the beginning. It's a little more bruised than beef, but it also gives it a natural taste. In other words, hose leather is the ideal leather for all Neutral Gray needs.

Neutral colors, which seem to embody the brand name, also stand out. The final dyeing method varies depending on the color, but in general, the makeup is done in what is called natural makeup. That gives them a clean color that's not too assertive, and it also makes them lighter. In addition to standard colors such as black, gray and silver-white, neutral gray also comes in seasonal colors twice a year, in spring and summer and fall and winter. The product is made through trial and error with domestic tanners, which are easy to communicate and convey a sense of color.
Basically, the design of the bags and other items hasn't changed significantly, so many fans are looking forward to the seasonal colors. It is also notable that the colors of the brand's signature lines, Husky and Jane, are linked. By the way, the former is made of hose leather and the latter is made of canvas and other fabrics, so you can enjoy different expressions of the same color depending on the material.

These days, there is a need for comfort in all aspects, including fashion. But it's putting the cart before the horse to pursue only that and neglect design.
It's light and comfortable to use, simple yet playful, and has a design that can elevate your styling. And they are carefully made by Japanese craftsmen. That's why you'll want to keep it every day, and it'll last a long time without being swayed by trends.
The Neutral Gray bag is filled with such modern bag ideals.

Clean and sophisticated design to match any style

Husky is a 2-way tote bag that can be held in different ways depending on your style and mood. This is a particularly popular model in the Neutral Gray lineup, and it's well-received for work and holidays. Not only is the material used, it's also the brand's signature hose leather. Wax permeates the fabric, giving it a matte finish and a somewhat subdued, mature look.
The contrast with the gold metal fittings is also a focal point, creating a sense of class in a simple design. The meticulous attention to detail is also pleasing, including a seam-free round hand handle that's soft to the touch when you grip it, and a hidden zipper on the back that's designed to keep metal and clothes from rubbing. The leather on the double zipper pull in the main room not only makes it easy to open and close, it also adds an accent to your look.

Neutral Gray Husky TOTE BAG 2WAY

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